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AW… @ssinz and CNBLUE_4 no matter what!


“She’s my girl!”

Kawaii~ Yangkumi ♥

will reblog for @1003Grace~♥ still wishing for Goong2…

     @1003Grace Retrospect on herself..

       When was the time you felt most proud of yourself?

Yoon eun hye: “Everytime I see my present self, I feel pride. Because I’ve experienced a lot since I debuted when I was young, because I receive fans’ love as an actress, and because I’ve received some extent of recognition in the field of acting. Although my body and mind get exhausted when I work, I find it amazing that I can endure it when I’m about to collapse. Of course there were difficult times in the past, but I think everything’s ok now. That might be why I’m happy now.” (윤은혜)

@1003Grace and Hyun Bin.

The dream OTP~♥

when,oh when?

BTS of Heartstring made me realize that Lee Shin is the exact opposite of YongHwa. Really, he can’t control his smile or laugh!

Cute YongHwa ♥ ShinHye

You’re Beautiful @CNBLUE_4  @ssinz !


You’re Beautiful BTS. Did Shin Hye and Yong Hwa acknowledge they were still being filmed? 

Mao Inue as Tsukushi Makino is still the best. :)

Wonderstruck and Enchanted to meet you…~


“Don’t cry… Please.”


i dunno why i like this, but i do. 


i dunno why i like this, but i do. 

The first time I fell in love with Geol Oh/ Moon Jae Shin..

When he covered Yoon Hee’s eyes when he beat those men up..

Then do I belong here?

Then do I belong here?

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