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That is why I hate politics. It even makes the wine tasteless.

Gu Yong Ha. I Love You. ♥


You think that the Welcoming Ceremony has rules that are useless and nonsensical, to the point that it should not be followed? So, even though you did go to the minister of Military Affairs’ house, you said that you did not go? You would rather be soaked in a urine pond, than be manipulated around by childish games. Is this your pride? Or is this your stubborn temper? Or even, defiance? 

It was created for guys like you, this Welcoming Ceremony. Young Masters who come from noble families, who have never bowed their heads to anyone… Insufferable arrogant jerks like you. These things were created to put down superior people like yourself. Why? Because this is SungKyunKwan. No matter who your father is, how many houses your family have, everyone here is a freshman when they first enter. So stop being so imperious, and stop being so conceited. This is a lesson from the Seniors.

remember when i said his smile killed my insides? i think serious faced sjk/gyh makes me implode. 

Jae Shin is the best guy there is. Unselfish. Really, Could I have you to myself oppa??? :))


So you ended up sending her in alone? Forget about her. If you keep doing it, it will become a habit. Make this the last time where you’re just looking at her.

gu yong ha why are you such an awesome friiiieeeend *wails*

…someone give me fic of these two naoplz :|

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