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Tell ‘em. 

I dedicate this little number to all those who like to say Disney princesses are nothing but passive, submissive, and horrible role models. 

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I’m sorry, but… these are all from 1990’s or later, when Disney actually made an effort to made the princesses more proactive.

The ones who are really criticized are the pre-Little Mermaid ones!

I’m not sure whether it’s even fair to criticize the pre-Little Mermaid ones.  All the princesses are representative of the times when they were created; Snow White was the ideal young woman of the late 1930s, so judging her the way we would judge a woman from 2013 just isn’t fair— she’s not a “modern” woman so you can’t judge her as a modern woman.  Not only that, though, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was basically a giant experiment in animation.  No one had ever attempted a feature-length animated film before, so there was no earlier standard to judge it and its characters against (and remember that animation has always been viewed differently and with different expectations than life-action).  That film was a huge gamble, and the studio was still trying to figure out just how much they could do with animation as a medium; so, to a certain extent, the main focus was really on the art and animation, and not on developing the characters (seriously, all the characters in the film have one main personality trait, so it’s not just Snow White who’s screwed over). 

The same is really true for Sleeping Beauty.  Walt recognized that the story was going to share a lot in common with past princess films, so the main goal was to make the film different from Snow White and Cinderella— and they did manage to differentiate it through its art style and musical score.  Also, the focus isn’t really on Aurora, so Sleeping Beauty is the only princess film where the princess isn’t the main focus; the artwork is the intended focus.  Sleeping Beauty is the film that was meant to be a “moving tapestry” like Walt always wanted. 

And are we really going to fault Cinderella for not being proactive when she’s constantly abused by her own family?  After years of psychological torture, do you really expect her to be proactive?  She lost both parents and was virtually imprisoned by her stepmother; the fact that she’s still sane, kindhearted, and industrious after all she’s been through seems to speak to a very strong character if you ask me :\

I ♥ being me!:)

I ♥ being me!:)

Reel to Real! Ji Hyun Woo and Yoo In Na Spotted Dating in the Park!

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Ahh!!!! Quickly, because I’m basically shaking right now in happiness..

According to the articles, they were spotted out together late at night, in the park(!). Apparently, he acted like a bodyguard around her and held onto…

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aw.. kakashi and naruto :)

aw.. kakashi and naruto :)

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Love, Lost…and Found ~ Chapter 10

Eun Hye is amused. In Na and Ji Hoon have suddenly disappeared from the dance floor and Ji Hoon looks angry. Livid even. He keeps on looking around, crackling his knuckles. The couple have removed themselves from their presence for about 30 minutes now,…

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“What happened to your wordpress? I went to go read one of your stories and it was gone, I got so depressed...”

ow… I am so sorry about the sudden change of wordpress account.. the Summer Story (IU and Seulong) or Love Lost and Found (Yoo In Na and Ji Hyun Woo, Ji Joo Hoon Yoon Eun Hye) are available in :) you are the first person who actually got sad with the mood and thank u so much! :*

Chapter 2: from

read me? :)

publishing my story again in wattpad! If you missed IU and Seung Ho, that’s because I moved my blog from to 

A short, sweet scene on a Wedding Day.

An Open Love Letter~~ Straight From the Heart


How are you? I am wishing that you are just fine upon reading this letter of mine, though I don’t know if I would make you sadder when you receive this. I know it’s horrid of me to still send this, and I had thought about it carefully for a…

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eto yung gusto kong peg nung pre-nup hahah nalimutan ko gawin!

eto yung gusto kong peg nung pre-nup hahah nalimutan ko gawin!

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